Inclusive Gatherings at UCLA

EPIC Inclusive Gatherings at UCLA aims to facilitate cross-campus and inter-college collaboration in practical pedagogical development within the realm of inclusive and equitable classrooms.

As multiple studies from different institutions have shown, a lack of inclusivity in the classroom directly correlates -and may be a key cause- to higher dropout rates and longer times to graduate, particularly within already marginalized populations on campus such as first generation students, immigrants, undocumented students, LGBTQ, etc. In order to make meaningful and lasting changes in this area, EPIC Inclusive Gatherings has created a space for educators from all disciplines to gather and discuss how to build, promote and maintain inclusivity in their classrooms by exchanging practical advice from other educators in a relaxed setting.

From left to right: Emma Naliboff, Maite Zubiaurre, Kip Tobin, Carla Suhr, Jimena Rodriguez, and Dean of Humanities, David Schaberg at the inaugural event of Inclusive Gatherings

  • Hot moments in the classroom with Emma Nabiloff

  • Making Space for Equity in your Syllabus and in your Everyday with Edna Chavarry
  • Politics and Inclusive Pedagogy with Vice Chancellor Jerry Kang

Please note: the audio in the below video is low-quality.


  • Classroom Design and Inclusivity


Dr. Kumiko Haas, Director, Instructional Improvement Programs Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Dr. Jan Reiff, Special Assistant to EVC/Provost for Online Education, Professor of History, Statistics & Digital Humanities

Dr. Tara Prescott, Faculty in Residence, Lecturer in Writing Programs

Rob Rodgers, Manager, Learning Spaces Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Cole Jack Pittman, Graduate Student, English

Moderator: Dr. Adrienne Lavine, Faculty Director Center for the Advancement of Teaching Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


  • Realizing a More Inclusive Pedagogy: Race, Identity, and Engagement in a Diverse College Classroom with Dr. Frank Tuitt