Latest Past Events

“Realizing a More Inclusive Pedagogy 2.0: Race, Identity, and Engagement in a Diverse College Classroom” with Frank Tuitt

Powell 186

This interactive session will examine theories/concepts that are both relevant and practical with regard to creating inclusive learning environments for all students. Specific session objectives include: 1) to help participants enhance their understanding of how personal identity characteristics can influence teaching and learning in racially diverse classrooms.   2) To identify a range of teaching-learning strategies...

“Classroom Design and Inclusivity” with panel

Lydeen Library (Rolfe Hall 4302)

APRIL 30th, Tues 4-6pm How to make design and deliver classes that are as engaging as possible? Specifically, how do we do so in cases where classes lack synergy between students and teacher, are set at unideal/poor hours of the day, or consist of unusually large classes. What are some techniques that help activate all...

“Politics and Inclusive Pedagogy” with Jerry Kang

Powell 186

Location> Powell 186  Given that universities often tend to be liberal institutions in their politics, how can professors not exclude students who are conservative? What are some effective strategies for managing different, and oftentimes opposing, ideological viewpoints in the classroom? In order to achieve true inclusivity and diversity, how can educators best approach facilitating a...